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Would YOU Go Down to the Woods Today?

You Might Get a Ghostly Surprise

Crossing to the other side? The ghost of Witches Wood

Is it real or just another fake? It's the spooky photo that has sent shivers through Internet chatrooms across Britain.

The creepy location is called Witches Wood and, according to the locals in a sleepy Suffolk village, it’s well named.

Like something out of a horror movie, dozens of residents have claimed to have seen the ghost of a teenage girl, Katherine Blake, thought murdered in 1987.

Others dismiss the ghost sightings near the village of Helmshall St Mary as a prank, or the fevered imaginings of a troubled mind.

Now, a young boy out walking his dog in Witches Wood insists he HAS SEEN the ghost.

There's already a "ghost hunter" festival planned for the summer, organized by a group calling themselves Goths Love Ghosts. They claim that the photo is genuine, citing it as further proof that the ghost of Witches Wood does exist.

On their Ghost Hunter website, the group claims: "We are all rational people, with logical minds and we are experienced at spotting fakes. We have no doubt that the ghost of Katherine Blake is genuine, and this photo proves it."

They add: "But for the final doubters, we have organized a festival, bringing together ghost hunters from all over the country, and some from abroad, and we are determined to get video footage of this ghost to show the world."

Professor David McNulty, an expert on ghost phenonmena, explains why people think they have seen a ghost. See his interview in full.

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