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Top Cop Faces Chop in Bomb Plot Probe Flop

The Home Secretary at Canary Wharf

Home Secretary Caroline Powers has voiced her concern over the “worrying lack of progress” in the Hangar Lane bombing inquiry, hinting that the officer in charge may have to be replaced.

But Chief Superintendent Alan Harden, who is leading the investigation, hit back, claiming that:

“Police officers should be allowed to get on with their jobs, while politicians should stick to what they do best - taking the credit.”

Mr Harden is known as an outspoken, and outstanding, officer within the Met.

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police was quick to defend his colleague, stating that the inquiry was “complex”, but proceeding satisfactorily.

He conceded that an imminent arrest was unlikely, but that “significant developments” had been made, but could not be released to the public.

Mrs Price said she was keeping in constant contact with the Met Chief, but that the country was “in no mood to allow the guilty to remain free”.


Mr Harden, in his usual press conference conducted at Brent Valley Hospital, today stated:

“I understand the Home Secretary’s concern. I share it.”

“I have no doubts over my ability to lead this investigation. If there is a more qualified officer out there, I haven’t met him yet.”

“If the Home Secretary wants to replace me with someone more able than me, she had better call in Superman.”


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