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The “Rage” Incident

Analysis: What was the “Rage” incident?

Ipswich may have returned to normal since the Rage incident of two years ago, but what do we know about the criminal, the cranes and chronic hysteria of the time? 

Watch the dramatic reconstruction of the Rage incident, featuring news clips from the time, CCTV and viewer footage, and based on eye-witness accounts of the events.

So what happened?

It seems like a dim and distant memory now. It seems like an impossibility. Reports of cranes “springing to life”. Cranes firing lightning bolts? Cranes walking? Did the entire town of Ipswich go mad for the weekend?

There’s no doubt that Ipswich was devastated by a series of, what the Home Secretary Caroline Powers called, “a series of terrible incidents”.

Buildings were destroyed. People were killed. Helicopters exploded in mid air.

But within 36 hours everything was calm, and there was never an official explanation of what happened, or who was responsible.

Unofficially, the blame was placed on “Rage”.

Who was Rage?

Rage is the name given to the only inmate at the secure prison in Woodlands, the small coastal town in Suffolk.

We now know Rage was a female prisoner, thought to be in her late 20s. Her real name is unknown, her crime is undocumented and her current whereabouts a mystery.

She is widely believed to have been killed in the incident, with some eye witnesses claiming that she was fighting an unidentified male in locations around the town.


The incident is further mystified by numerous eye-witness reports of an unidentified flying object seen above the skies of Ipswich, apparently trying to neutralise the cranes and then Rage herself.

Some have speculated that the UFO was a craft of alien origin, others believe it was a secret experimental RAF stealth fighter, while others claim it was a man who is able to fly.


The majority of events have remained unexplained, leading to the inevitable cries of government cover-ups, conspiracy theories, and counter claims of mass hallucinations.

Will Rage ever return?


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