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Police chief launches major investigation into school-bus bombing

The top cop in charge of investigating the Ealing school-bus bombing promised tough action and a “major investigation” into the cause of the atrocity.

Chief Superintendent Harden of the Metropolitan Police promised “no corner of the country would be overlooked” as his team searches for those responsible for the bombing.

Mr Harden called a press conference outside Brent Valley Hospital at 10.30 this morning, where he offered his condolences to the victims’ families, but publicly warned the bombers that there would be “no hiding place”.

It is now known that eight children and two teachers were killed when a car exploded on Hangar Lane in West London last night, destroying a school bus carrying pupils from nearby South Ealing Comprehensive School. The driver of the bus was also killed.

Mr Harden said: “It was a miracle that more people were not hurt in the explosion, but that would be no consolation to the children, parents, the school and the whole community.”


So far, no terrorist organization has claimed responsibility.

Rumours had been circulating that this could be an Al Qaeda attack, but Mr Harden was quick to state that so far there was no evidence to back up this claim. 

Mr Harden also warned the gathered journalists to exercise “restraint” in reporting the case, and to respect the grief and privacy of the children and their families. 


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