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Indecent Proposal? – How Much Would You Sell Your Body For?

(In the Name of Medical Science, That Is!)

G-Netik Clinical Trials

If you were offered £5,000 to become a human guinea pig, would you do it?

It seems that thousands of people would, as cash-strapped Britons queue up to take part in clinical trials.

G-Netik – the genetic research and pharmaceutical giant – has been paying volunteers young and old to undergo human drug testing at its European HQ in Suffolk, East Anglia.

Every day nearly a THOUSAND people queue up for the chance to earn extra cash by offering their bodies for medical tests.

According to the G-Netik website participants can earn as much as £5,000 in only TWO MONTHS, making the trial programme a lucrative prospect for those hit hard by the recession.

  • For just an initial consultation you will be paid £100.
  • For advanced testing, you will net £200 a DAY.
  • You could earn up to a maximum of £5,000 in as little as TWO MONTHS.

G-Netik is one of the biggest employers in south-east England, and is one of the UK's flagship companies.

Trial bosses claim that the tests are vital for helping to tackle disease and in pioneering life-saving medicines.

Would you volunteer for a Clinical Trial? Join the debate and vote.


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