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Good Golly, Miss Lolly! So Who's the Jolly Holi-Dolly?

Lolly Rosewood Shows Off Her Own Powers of Persuasion With New Beau!

Lolly Rosewood, daughter of Sir Michael Rosewood

What would Daddy say? Lolly Rosewood – daughter of City-darling and self-styled "saviour of the British economy" Sir Michael Rosewood – jets off on a romantic holiday with a new boyfriend.

But the questions on everybody's lips is: who is the lucky lad, and will Daddy approve?

For sweet-16 Lolly, it was every teenager's nightmare. While she and her mystery sweetheart were cannoodling on an Antiguan beach, tycoon Sir Michael was close by, relaxing on the neighbouring Island of Montserrat with a mystery blonde companion.

Charming Sir Michael, recently voted Rear of the Year, showed off his tanned and toned physique, cavorting in the sea with his latest girlfriend.

One holiday maker, Dan Lassiter from Watford said:

"He's looking good for a bloke in his forties. My missus has got a thing for him and she keeps asking me why I don't look like that."

So does daughter Lolly know that Daddy is close by and keeping tabs on her?

"Lolly and her boyfriend only had eyes for each other," said Mrs Black from Didsbury. "I don't think they would have noticed if there was an earthquake. She seems a lovely girl. She's very sweet and friendly. I bet her dad is really proud of her."

Looks like Lolly is a chip off the old block when it comes to charming those around her. And as you can see from this photo, Lolly is definitely a well-reared girl.


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