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Diet Another Day? Lose Weight in 24 Hours With New Wonder Drug!

And This Time It’s For Real!

G-Netik's new miracle weight loss drug

Over indulged on Christmas Day? Be thin by Boxing Day. That’s the promise made by top boffins at a pharmaceutical company, who claim they are on the verge of perfecting a new weight-loss pill.

G-Netik, one of the UK’s biggest blue-chip companies, have weighed in to the lucrative $4bn flab-fighting market with Meltum.

The drug claims to melt fat away overnight and the company alleges that it is particularly effective if taken after an excessive intake of calories.

A spokesperson for the company said “Studies have shown that Meltum can reduce up to 35% of a person’s total body fat. It produces great results across the board without the tedium of dieting or the strain of exercise and we are confident that this product takes fat busting to the next level. No willpower necessary.”

G-Netik claims to have already helped thousands of people to lose weight effortlessly, with 87% of those classed as obese recategorised as ‘overweight’ or ‘normal’ (by Body Mass Index) following trials.

With weight loss so readily available in an easily injectable form, it might be time to give up that gym subscription.


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